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Privacy Policy

Personal Data is a bit of a buzzword right now, particularly in the wake of GDPR legislation and every website in the world seemingly bombarding the user with notices about Cookies, Privacy Policies and the like. Just like them, I am legally obliged to make certain statements about what data I collect and what I do with it so here goes.

  1. Cookies. Cookies are used by this website for the purpose of keeping tabs on what items you have in your basket and moving through the store process. If you think of the pages of this site like the aisle of a supermarket, the cookies are what’s pushing your trolley around with your items in Because these are strictly functional cookies, they do not require the annoying pop ups for your consent – isn’t that nice not to be nagged? Ironically, having a pop up about cookies that you have to close requires a cookie to remember that you’ve closed the popup!
  2. Personal Data. Naturally to process your order I need to know who you are and where you live. For accounting purposes I a legally obliged to keep this information for 6 years. So I do. Your order history is stored (securely) for 1 month in the back end of the website before being erased, after that the only record is a PDF copy invoice stored in my archive should the tax man ever want to see it. After that, it’s erased permanently. If paying by card your financial data is processed either by PayPal or Square. I do not get to see any of your financial data at any point and nothing about it is stored in the accounting data I hold.